Got your BASES covered?

Got Your BASES Covered?

Entrepreneurship is about making innovation REAL, but turning ideas into reality can be the hardest part. It’s easy to get lost without support and guidance through the process. That’s where BASES comes in. BASES is a student organization that empowers student entrepreneurs through a series of different events, competitions, and talks, with the mission of helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap from idea to reality. As you move through the stages of venture formation, BASES gives you maximum exposure to the business world, allowing you to receive feedback from some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent individuals.

“Got your BASES covered?” is a three-week long movement to raise awareness for the opportunities BASES provides. These opportunities can be divided into three categories:

First Base: INSPIRE

Every inspiration comes from a spark. BASES can help you find that spark by creating opportunities for you to interact with prominent start-ups, successful entrepreneurs, and other Stanford students interested in entrepreneurship. BASES hosts a range of programs including Startup Lunches (lunches with accomplished entrepreneurs), Startup Career Fairs, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminars, and Freshman Battalion (an in-depth program for freshman to get involved in BASES).

Second Base: CREATE

Ideas get lost without opportunities to act on them, so BASES provides those opportunities with Hackspace and E-Bootcamp. Hackspace offers students uninterrupted time (and food) to focus on creating, and E-Bootcamp immerses students in several days of workshops on venture formation.

Third Base: LAUNCH

When it’s time to launch, you want to make an entrance that’s as impressive as your company. The BASES Challenge is your chance to do this. In front of an experienced panel of judges, entrepreneurs can compete for the best business plans in E-Challenge and Social E-Challenge and the best product demos in Product Showcase. Extensive feedback from the panel gives all competitors something valuable to walk away with.


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