Meet Simar Mangat – BASES member and entrepreneur

Last week, we had the chance to sit down with our very own Simar Mangat – member of the Freshman Battalion and participant in the BASES E-Challenge.  As a freshman, Simar has been active in the entrepreneurship at Stanford and has taken numerous leadership roles both in organizations and his own companies. See his interview below for a peek into Simar’s world:

Did your experience in frosh battalion change how you view entrepreneurship? Why or why not?
I realized that entrepreneurship is going head on and figuring things out along the way.  One thing which was really cool to see was the opportunity to working on a startup with Jason (Teplitz, also a member of Freshman Battalion).

What was the greatest surprise you found through your BASES experience?
Initially, I went in thinking that BASES would teach us how entrepreneurship worked and have a more educational angle.  It was awesome to find that there are so many opportunities available in the organization and realize that a lot of what BASES provides–the people you meet, the networking opportunities–help you realize how the organization functions and where you can extract value for personal growth.

How did your experience in BASES this year help you grow? What person or project inspired you most through this process?
I’m currently working on the public pitch to compete for $33,000 in the finale of E-Challenge.  After the second-round pitch, multiple investors and judges reached out to (our team) to express their commitment to helping us grow.  There is this incredible network of people to look out for our success.  Through those conversations, we were given an incredible opportunity to connect with one mentor from Andreessen Horowitz.

What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught.  A lot of it is going out and getting your hands dirty.  Try a project on your own, and don’t wait for someone to give you feedback.  Always be thinking and be aware of solutions to the problems in the world!


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