BASES Finale 2014 – Photo Gallery

Last Tuesday was our annual BASES Finale – the culmination event of the BASES Challenge competition.  The event kicked off with public pitches from E-Challenge and Social-E finalists where all the teams had a chance to show off what they’ve been working on.  Sponsors, judges and spectators from all over Silicon Valley came to participate in the event. See below for the list of winners along with some photos courtesy of Akiharu Maki Photography.

1st Place Winner: Allertope 
2nd Place Winner: Madorra 
3rd Place Winner: Peeps 
Crowd-Favorite: Peeps

1st Place Winner: Beeline 
2nd Place Winner: Elevado 
3rd Place Winner: Pocketlab 
Crowd-Favorite: eleVado

Product Showcase:
1st Place Winner: Switchmate 
2nd Place Winner: Rabbit Prototyping 
3rd Place Winner: Napwell 
Crowd-Favorite: Stroll Health


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