BASES Bus Tour: A Recap

Last Friday, a group of BASES members boarded Professional Development’s new program, BASES Bus for an all-day excursion to Twitter, Rothenberg Ventures, RocketFuel and HealthTap.

“The goals were to empower BASES members as entrepreneurs, to exchange ideas, ask questions and build long-term relationships with the companies,” Professional Development Officer of Operations Irving Hsu, said.

At each company, BASES toured the buildings, hitting spots like Twitter’s rooftop garden deck, and Rocket Fuel’s Ground Control room, which displays real-time statistics on large screens.

Each tour featured or ended with a talk about an aspect of entrepreneurship from the eyes of BASES alumni, now executives at the firms. From Twitter’s intrapreneurship culture to HealthTap’s growing vision for health information, the talks aimed to motivate and inspire.

When asked about his time with BASES last Friday, former BASES VP of Business Development and current Rothenberg Ventures Partner Brandon Farwell said, “BASES continues to adhere to its entrepreneur-first mission. By providing a conduit for relationship building, BASES proudly linked Stanford entrepreneurs with the appropriate knowledge network: CEOs, VCs and legal counsel.”

Farwell said about Rothenberg Ventures, “We are a start-up. We are entrepreneurs, and we understand and sympathize with their gripes and stresses. I loved chatting with BASES about how our approaches to venture capital and working with entrepreneurs are vastly different than the established world.”

After a full day, the bus dropped off BASES with new contacts, insight, company swag and—of course—a selfie.


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