The Whereabouts of Wearables

With 2014 coming to the close, this means that BASES Challenge will open January 2015 to entrepreneurs all over the world.  This year’s wearable competitors will also be eligible for the newly proposed Samsung Wearables Prize, which will award a cash total of $3,000 to the winning company. To keep up with wearables in BASES history, we’ve compiled descriptions and updates for last year’s Wearables contestants for the Product Showcase challenge:


LumosTech is a sleep mask that eradicates jet lag while the wearer sleeps. The mask uses light pulses to shift the wearer’s circadian rhythm

LumosTech is currently developing a companion smartphone app that tracks user data and calculates optimal time to use the mask.


Napwell is a napping mask designed to optimize (or #naptimize) napping. The mask gradually grows brighter to simulate a sunrise, so that wearers awaken naturally from their sleep with reduced sleep inertia.

Napwell can be pre-ordered for $100, and the company is currently leading a petition to reform workplace policies that discourage napping.

Echo Labs

Echo Labs technology is designed to monitor personal health by taking physiological indictors to track four categories: fuel, hydration, rest and recovery, and aerobic performance.

Echo Labs technology is patent-pending.

Toa Performance

Toa Performance focuses on apparel made of merino wool, which has anti-bacterial properties and wicks moisture from the body in a process called evaporative cooling.


SolPatch is a solar battery charger in the form of a button, and charges under direct or ambient light. The button can be worn, or attached on bags.

Deimos Defense

Deimos Defense focused on creating pepper spray that connects to smartphones. When used, the spray sends pictures and current location to a list of numbers pre-determined by the user.


HomeBase is a wireless gadget that allows users to remotely manage files across multiple devices.

Congratulations to the above companies for their new developments, and best of luck to all upcoming contestants!


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