BASES Startup Career Fair – 79 Companies. 900+ Students

Last Thursday, the BASES Startup Career Fair attracted 79 companies, featuring up and coming startups like Travelnuts to more established companies like Intuit. From 11am to 4 pm, over 900 students arrived at the lawn between Gates and Mudd to seek summer opportunities and even permanent positions with premier companies in the valley.

“The BASES Startup Career Fair is a great way to get yourself out there and find new opportunities,” said freshman Isabela Becerra. “Although this is my first career fair, and I didn’t know what to expect, there’s so much energy. I’m having a great time.”


Having a lot of freshman in attendance was a new highlight in this year’s career fair. Although upperclassmen typically compose a majority of the demographic, many underclassmen have already started looking for summer opportunities.

“I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of freshman here. It’s great to see so many underclassmen interested in startups even early on,” said BASES Co-President Andrea Sy.

Sy also noted that this year, there were a lot of startups present that wanted to disrupt older industries like healthcare and construction.

“It’s fascinating to see what types of companies come to the BASES Startup Career Fair each year. I think it’s interesting to see how well the change in industry focus of attending startups correlate with the changing entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said Sy.

From a company’s standpoint, many were excited to be exposed to the incredible pipeline of talent: Stanford students. Shay Fidel, Stanford alumnus and head of growth operations at Plan Grid, “loves how Stanford fosters entrepreneurship,” in its students and “is trying to incorporate this in Plan Grid’s culture.” On the other hand, Oracle recruiter Amanda Johnson notes that “Stanford students are from so many different backgrounds,” so it makes her job “easier and exciting.”

“The BASES startup career fair was a great opportunity to engage with passionate students and get them excited about or mission. I love how Stanford students are both entrepreneurial and technically inclined,” said Upstart CTO Jonathan Eng.

After talking to a wide variety of companies, many students walked out feeling satisfied, some even getting interviews immediately afterward.

“After talking to a wide range of companies today, I already received an email about a potential opportunity. This event was truly worthwhile,” said freshman Natalie Ng.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the event, the startup career fair talent portal is still open for you to submit your resume! Click here. 

Complete list of all companies at the event can be found here

By Valerie Huynh


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