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Sponsor Spotlight: A Chat With Amy Ritz, Marketing Lead at Accenture


Accenture embodies the innovative Silicon Valley mindset as one of the world’s largest technology consulting firms, incorporating the newest technologies into its client services. As one of our BASES’s sponsors this year, we are thrilled to give Stanford students more exposure to opportunities at Accenture. With programs ranging from the Accenture Future Technology Leaders Program to internships in finance and software development, Accenture offers a wide array of options for students to learn and grow in their years at Stanford.

To learn more about Accenture’s vision, goals, and relationship with BASES, we had the opportunity to talk with Amy Ritz, Marketing Lead at Accenture.

Q: Why did Accenture want to sponsor BASES?
A: Accenture is a company with a deep investment in innovation. We believe it’s important to become an integral part of the open innovation/entrepreneurial ecosystem at Stanford.  We would like to forge lasting relationships with students who will ultimately launch startups as part of our connection to the startup community.  And of course, we would like to be a company of choice for the high caliber students looking for careers or internships in technology.

Q:  Describe your relationship with BASES over the years. How has BASES made an impact on Accenture?
A: We are only just getting to know the students at BASES, but we couldn’t be more impressed with the professionalism of the organization. We are excited to be a part of the BASES Challenge, hackathons, and other programs. The students are really inspiring, and we look forward to engaging with them.

Q: What is Accenture’s vision?
A: Accenture just released the Accenture Technology Vision 2015, our annual outlook of the technology trends that we believe will have the greatest impact on enterprises over the next three to five years. This year, we identified a 180 degree shift from the “me” economy to the “we” economy as pioneering enterprises are tapping into a broad array of other digital businesses, digital customers, and digital devices at the edge of their networks to create digital “ecosystems”. In doing so, they will shape new markets while also transforming the way we all work and live.

Q: Where do you see Accenture heading in the next few years?
A: Here in Silicon Valley at the Accenture Technology Lab, we’ll continue to remain focused on exploring new and emerging technologies that are relevant for our enterprise clients and applying them in innovative ways to address key business challenges.

We’re also focused on growing our Open Innovation program. The initiative is focused on working with top-tier accelerators, start-ups, venture capitalists, universities and corporate R&D labs, to build and bring to market innovative solutions. We serve as a vital bridge between our Global 2000 clients and this broader community, helping connect them with enterprise-relevant technology innovators while providing our consulting, technology and operations skills to help them meet their business transformation objectives.

Q: Are there any exciting projects Accenture is working on currently? Please elaborate.
A: The Accenture Technology Labs is doing work in a number of exciting areas.  We have four Strategic Innovation Initiatives which focus on long-term, disruptive areas that we believe will transform how businesses operate, engage with customers and grow. The four initiatives are:

  1. Digital Customer: Customers are increasingly using social channels and alternate community forums not only to connect, but to share insights and feedback with each other. We’re focused on how to structure the customer genome – the DNA of what every business should know about their digital customers.
  2. Digital Workforce: Digital technologies including social collaboration, mobile performance support, work-stream analytics, and intelligent decision support continue to mature. We’re working to accelerate the digital work revolution by creating a Digital Workforce Platform that will transform processes to align with the digital business and industrialize the delivery of digital workforce enablement.
  3. Industrial Internet of Things: The Industrial Internet refers to the integration of complex physical machinery with networked sensors and software. We are focused on exploring how this disruptive technology will change business models and how clients can use it to create competitive advantage and sustainable business value
  4. Intelligent Application Delivery:  As organizations push for greater operational agility, there is a sharp shift toward simpler, more modular apps. We’re working to help our clients accelerate day-to-day application development, maintenance and outsourcing activities by incorporating mass automation and imbedding intelligence through machines and support the needs of a digital business through cutting-edge application building and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Thank you Amy for speaking to us about the future vision of Accenture. We are truly excited to cultivate our partnership with Accenture, a company that is evidently forward thinking and innovative, to help Stanford students push the envelope in entrepreneurship.

By Valerie Huynh